The Harpley Foundation              

Targeted funding for grassroots community projects in Reading and Carlisle, MA and Phoenix, AZ areas.

Please contact us before sending application to confirm interest.

"Don’t just think, do."
                          - Horace

Our Mission:
To celebrate the life of Theodore (Ted) Harpley by fostering grassroots organizations in the arts and sciences, as well as human, animal and environmental welfare in the communities where his surviving family reside.

How we accomplish this:
Each of the Trustees seeks worthy non-profit causes that they are individually responsible for personally evaluating.
Completed grant applications are then reviewed twice a year, and in the spirit of Ted's intelligence, reasoning and compassion we collectively award grants with the care and confidence that each dollar will make a difference.

What makes us a little different from other family foundations?
We have no paid staff - and do not receive compensation for our time. 
Having been gifted this opportunity, our motivation is rooted in gratitude.

We take this honor seriously while we continue to learn the ropes of philanthropy by working together as an adult family juggling each of our own work and personal obligations. It isn't easy and is often ironic.  We have made a few mistakes and shed tears of both kinds, but remain focused on our mission remembering the love, kindness and forgiveness our Dad exemplified when dealing with trials and tribulations both at home and work.

"It's just like a magic penny,
    Hold it tight and you won't have any.
 Lend it spend it and you'll have so many,
    They'll roll all over the floor, for
Love is something if you give it away,
    You end up having more."

 - from folk song "Magic Penny" by Malvina Reynolds,
often sung and strummed by Betsy Harpley for church, family and friends.


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*Donations to the Harpley Oncology Nursing Care Fund - please send to:  Lahey Clinic, Office of Philanthropy, 41 Mall Rd., Burlington, MA 01805

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